It’s 2021 and they make cars that drive themselves. Now, I realize this sounds like a great idea, especially for people who can’t drive for one reason or another, but it’s a scary idea that has proven to be not so perfect so far. And I just don’t think I’d be comfortable in a self-driving car whether I’m behind the wheel or as a passenger. There is something I would much rather have for my car.

How about inventing a non-toxic treatment for cars that would make snow melt and slide off as soon as it hits the car's surface? It could come as an option when you buy the car. Snowstorms are bad enough, but for me, the worst part is cleaning off the car. It takes forever. And then you’re all wet by the time you’re done, but it’s too late to change because it took forever to clean off the car. Sigh. And please don’t tell me to start the car 20 minutes ahead of time. Having your car idle like that is not good for the environment and I'm pretty sure it’s also illegal. 

Can you imagine how nice it would be to go out on a snowy morning and your car is already cleaned off? Or leaving work on a snowy afternoon and you don’t even have to worry about a snowbrush and ice scraper? It sounds heavenly to me. So, keep your self-driving cars and give me a self-cleaning-off-the-snow-car. By tomorrow, if possible.

The next invention I would love? How about a button you can press to find the television remote? Now that would be awesome.

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