Of all the states in the northeastern parts of the United States, New York may be one of the coldest. That's no surprise. Where is the coldest?

Despite New York City getting a lot of attention, it isn’t the coldest part of the state. It might have some of the coldest people, when it comes to deals on Wallstreet. But weather wise, it isn't the coldest. That award easily belongs to a mountain range known as the Adirondacks. You know them, and love them. The primary reason the Adirondacks are the coldest part of the state is due to two factors: latitude and elevation.

Lattitude refers to a region’s relative location to the poles, either north or south. As a region gets closer to the poles (and further from the equator), extreme temperatures and weather become more common. Since New York is one of the most northerly states in the United States, it is subject to the colder temperatures associated with the region. The second factor in the region’s cold temperatures is its elevation. Generally speaking, the higher the elevation, the colder it is. Since the Adirondacks are a mountain range, they are home to the highest elevations in the state. Combining both the northerly location and the elevation, the Adirondacks are easily the coldest part of New York."

According to A-Z Animals, the average summer temperature for the Adirondacks is between 66 to 73 °F, while the average winter temperature is between 18 to 23 °F. In addition to being cold, the winter weather is harsh and very snowy.

There have been two instances of the coldest temperature ever recorded in New York, both of which were -52 °F. So if you plan to head to the Adirondacks this winter, bundle up.

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