It's literally all fun and games but what is really happening to your brain when you play video games for hours?

Video games and I have a strange relationship. I grew up with them so I obviously have a special place for them in my life. I'm sure that I am about to date myself but our family's first video game system was not a Nintendo like most children of the 90s. We had a Sega Master System. My dad got it for my brother because the doctor said it would help him with his coordination. Many physicians aren't big fans of video games but can you believe that a doctor actually prescribed video games to him?

It's pretty crazy when you think about it.

Systems evolved in what seemed like an eternity years ago but video games have not just become something to do when you're bored. Some games now have become an immersive extension of your life. Years ago, you could sit and passively play a few rounds of Mario Kart by yourself or Call of Duty for an hour or so until it got repetitive but games now are just so immersive.

How often do we play games now? According to Statista, the average man plays video games for about 2 and a half hours on weekdays and over 3 on the weekends. Both of those numbers are cut in half for women.

I don't play often but when I turn my Xbox or PC on and log into Steam I'm easily playing for 4 or more hours in one day. If your habit is worse than mine, you could be addicted. Web MD claims that some signs of video game addiction are things like using games to help with your mood, avoiding other plans to game, and getting upset when you cannot play.

Like most addictions, your brain adjusts to new levels of dopamine.

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