I'm feel bad admitting this, but when I started working at the radio station I had no idea there was an Orange County in New York.

Anytime I heard someone mention it I thought, "Why do people keep talking about California in New York?"

As I'm learning more about the Hudson Valley, Im doing some research on all the towns and their history.

You Had Me At Wine 

First off, Washingtonville is home to the oldest running winery in the country. Brotherhood Winery is a great way to spend an afternoon around here and I plan on going a few times during the spring.

Torsten Schon

A Visit From George Washington

According to Wikipedia, there are claims that George Washington stopped in Washingtonville to get water for his horse.  The trough that provided the water was located  in the center of the village. All of this lead to the village receiving it's name...pretty cool.

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Interesting Other Name Choice

Before the town was named Washingtonville, it was actually called "Matthew Fields." Uhhh, strange name am I right?? Matthew Fields was the first European settler here, so why not name it after yourself?

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If you know any other cool facts about Washingtonville feel free to drop a comment below.

Here at the Wolf, we are so excited that more towns throughout the Hudson Valley will be able to enjoy country music with us. Washingtonville can now hear country music on 97.7 FM.