More regions are ready to enter Phase 2 of New York's four-phased reopening plan, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo fears George Floyd demonstrations could be spreading COVID-19.

Western New York is expected to enter Phase 2 on Tuesday. Cuomo said "global experts" will look at the data on Monday before Western New York can move ahead in the reopening process. An announcement is expected later on Monday.

The Captial Region is expected to meet Phase 2 on Wednesday, according to Cuomo. Global experts will also first look at the data before an official announcement is made.

The Mid-Hudson Region entered Phase 1 last Tuesday. Local officials remain confident the region will enter Phase 2 next Tuesday.

Cuomo says 50,000 COVID-19 tests were conducted across New York State on Sunday with 1,000 positive cases. He announced 54 New Yorkers died from COVID-19 on Sunday, marking the lowest number

"We went from our worst day where 800 New Yorkes died to reopening in less than 50 days" Cuomo said. "We went from the worst situation on the globe to actually reopening. We should be very proud of what we did. Don't just snatch defeat on the jaws of reopening.

Cuomo supports the nonviolent George Floyd demonstrations, but fears it could lead to the spread of COVID-19.

"I've said from day one I share the outrage and I stand with the protesters," Cuomo said on Monday during his COVID-19 briefing. " (It) could potentially be infecting hundreds and hundreds of people after everything we have done."

Cuomo said it could take weeks before its known of the protests spread the virus.

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