Is it a symbol praising a lesser-known deity or is it just an elaborate art project?

Some are saying that the creepy creation is a symbol of a monster straight out of Stranger Things. Does anyone know why a large figure made out of sticks is hiding near a trail in Rhinebeck?

Forests in Upstate New York are known for their natural beauty. On a hike outdoors you'll find large mountains, towering trees, and busy streams. You also can find some absolutely bizarre and downright weird things hiding in the woods as well. Imagine strolling through the woods and finding a strange figure standing in front of you. The strangest thing about the man is that he's not moving because he is made out of sticks. I don't know what the story behind this creepy figure is or what he is called to the locals of Rhinebeck so I guess I'll just name him stick man.

Stick man was discovered on the Vlei Marsh Trail in Rhinebeck, New York. A tourist from New York City posted the photo and it has been getting a lot of attention. There are a few pictures of it circulating on social media. It appears to be stacked at over 6ft. The trails is part of the Winnakee Land Trust but I couldn't find any information on stick man on the website.

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I guess I'm left to speculate.

It looks like it could be a religious statue praising some cult as it appears to be like a design straight from The Wicker Man. I don't think natives, cultists or witches are behind the creation though.

It may be the product of a local artist. Do you know anything about this statue made of sticks? Have you seen it before?

Whether you think it's cool or creepy you have to admit that it's definitely fascinating.

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