Many of us are looking to pick up extra work right now in order to have some extra fun money or to catchup on bills. Part time jobs when you have a full time job can seems silly but often they can serve as a great way to earn extra money and do something you like to do.

I came across an ad today for Shoprite of Kingston looking for help and thought that would be an interesting part time job. You might ask yourself why I thought that, so let me explain. I am well aware that over the last year working in a grocery store was no easy task. Grocery store workers were on the frontline for us everyday of the pandemic.

Let's face it when you think of picking up extra work you probably think of something like a movie theater where you can watch the films for free. Or maybe a golf course where your can get in a round or two before work. You may even think a winery or brewery would be more fun but if you re a foody like me the grocery could be the ultimate part time job.

I am one of those people who wanders the isles when I shop. I am always looking at new products and I am the first person to try some new crazy flavor of something on the off chance it will be the big thing in food. I still miss the Cranberry Sage Triscuit that showed up on the the selves a few Thanksgivings back never to be seen again, they were yummy.

Anyway, if you are a foodie a grocery job could be cool. And if you don't think that it is right for you that is fine but be sure to thank the next grocery worker you bump in to. They have been working hard for us during this pandemic and I don't want to imagine  how hard the last year would have been without them showing up for work every day.

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