Are you one of those people who enjoys cleaning up. You live to get out the vacuum and return the carpets in your house to their pre-walked on condition. I have quite a few friends who enjoy toting around a few cleaning supplies and being at the ready if there is a mess that arises. I, on the other hand am not as quick with the mop.

It isn't that I enjoy a messy house but I am definitely not a clean freak. The way my dog sheds I would go crazy. That being said, I do like to wipe the kitchen counter 3 or 4 time a day. That may be more a case of adult ADD.

So why am I talking to you about cleaning habits? Well it turns out there is a job opportunity that require someone who live within 20 minutes of Kerhonkson, Wallkill and Gardiner who also likes to clean. Dream House in The Gunks is looking for someone who want to supplement their income by cleaning their Airbnb.

Their are some specific job requirements like flexible hours and being available 7 days a week between 11am and 4pm. But the reality is if you are looking for a part time job and you are a fan of cleaning up a house this could be the extra income you are looking for to supplement your vacation fund.

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