When we step inside a grocery store, we encounter a wide array of items, from fresh produce to packaged goods and our hands touch most of these things.

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Lingering in the back of the minds of most New Yorkers is that germs are everywhere considering all we went through with the COVID-19 pandemic but is that it's still easy to overlook the hotspots where gems might be hiding.

Shopping Cart Handles

As one of the most frequently touched surfaces in a grocery store, shopping cart handles are amazing at holding onto an alarming amount of germs. Studies have shown that they carry large numbers of bacteria, including those from raw meat and unwashed produce.

Bulk Food Scoops

Bulk bins are a convenient option for buying grains, nuts, and dried fruits. However, the big utensils used to scoop these items can quickly become breeding grounds for germs. Countless hands touch these scoops throughout the day, leading to a high risk of cross-contamination.

Checkout Touchscreens and Keypads

Now that stores are making more and more of us handle our own checkout process, touchscreen displays and keypads have the potential to hold on to loads of bacteria and viruses. To reduce exposure, use contactless payment methods if you can. If you can't, avoid touching your face until you have an opportunity to wash or sanitize your hands.

Refrigerator Door Handles

Refrigerator door handles, particularly in the dairy or deli sections, are some of the most germ-ridden areas in a grocery store. Many people touch these handles throughout the day, leaving behind a smorgasbord of bacteria.

The Produce Section

Believe it or not, the produce section can be a haven for germs. Think about all the hands touching fruit and vegetables, cross-contaminating, and leaving so many germs.

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