Police are asking anyone with information to come forward all these years later in hopes of bringing peace to her family.

Investigators are trying to revive a cold case involving the death of a teenager who was found in the Hudson Valley.

State Police in Troop K Continue to Investigate the 1970 Homicide of a Teenager Found in Cortlandt

New York State Police
New York State Police

On Thursday, State Police from the Hudson Valley, in Troop K, as for help as they continue to investigate a murder from 1970.

New York State Police continue to investigate the homicide of 15-year-old Alice Lezan of Franklin Township, New Jersey.

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The teen was last seen outside a New York City hotel in September of 1969. Lezan was last seen on September 26, 1969, near a hotel on West 48th Street in New York City.

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She was wearing gray and white pants with a purple shirt. Lezan was last seen with a man believed to have tried to lure her into prostitution, police say.

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According to New York State Police, in March of 1970, Lezan's body was first discovered by a boy walking in the woods.

However, the teen's parents did not believe his story.

Body Found In Cortlandt, New York


Months later, on Nov. 14, 1970, the boy returned to the wooded area with friends. The boy’s parents then contacted the New York State Police.

New York State Police rushed to the location and found the remains of Lezan bound with rope and inside a red sleeping bag at the bottom of a 60-foot drop near Camp Smith, off Bear Mountain Road, in Cortlandt, New York.

Lezan’s death was ruled a homicide and she was identified using dental records.

Call New York State Police With Any Information


New York State Police say investigators from the State Police in Cortlandt continue to ask for the public’s assistance to solve this homicide and bring peace to Alice and her family.

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"If anyone has any information regarding this case, please call 914-788-8044," New York State Police stated.

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