Ah the holidays are quickly approaching. The decorating, the smells of food cooking, the Christmas songs, all if it will soon be here and then gone. The City of Newburgh is looking to enhance its Christmas display this year, with the perfect Christmas tree.

According to the City of Newburgh, for the last 30 plus years, the city has located, cut down and decorated a tree as a part of its holiday celebration. 

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Think that you have a tree that could potentially become the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree of the City of Newburgh? Here are a few things that they look for in the 'perfect' tree:

  • The tree needs to be a Blue Spruce, that is at least 35 feet tall.
  • While they would absolutely love the tree to come from inside the City or Town of Newburgh, they are happy to entertain a tree from New Windsor, Marlboro, Middlehope and surrounding areas.

When the search for the perfect tree is completed, the City of Newburgh Public Works Department will come and cut the tree down. Then the tree will be brought to Lower Broadway and decorated with lights for everyone to see.

At this time, the tree lighting ceremony is expected to take place in person, but the City reserves the right to do the lighting ceremony virtual and streamed on their social media channels. So, do you have the perfect Griswold Family Christmas tree to make the Christmas celebration in the City of Newburgh epic?

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