Some things people do really leave me puzzled at times. A perfect example is the current situation at the Highland Cemetery in Highland on Vineyard Avenue in Highland, New York. According to a press release from the Town of Lloyd Police Department, someone is stealing the flowers from graves.

In a press release posted to the Town of Lloyd Police Facebook page this afternoon (Monday, August 15th, 2022) the police are hoping to enlist the public's help in solving the mystery surrounding disappearing from gravesites in the Highland Cemetary.

Investigation into Items Stolen from Highland Cemetery, New York


They weren't specific on an exact time frame or how many graves have been affected but they did disclose there have been half a dozen reports of flowers being stolen over the last few months. The Lloyd Police hope that someone will come forward with more information if you think you can help you are encouraged to call (845) 691-6102.

Town of Lloyd Police Need Our Help Finding Grave Robbers

The Town of Lloyd Police also wanted it known that they have contacted the Highland Cemetery Association and the families so they are aware that the situation is being looked into by the authorities. They have stressed to everyone that if they see anything please report it.

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Is Taking Flowers From a Grave Against the Law?

I did some online searching to see what the penalties are in New York for removing or in this case allegedly stealing flowers from graves. I did find one link that I felt applied to the questions. It involves NY Penal Code 145.23

Cemetery desecration is a crime that involves stealing from or vandalizing a cemetery plot, grave, burial place, or other places of interment of human remains. (via


Even if stealing flowers from a grave doesn't feel like a huge crime it is by no way victimless and it is beyond deplorable. It still amazes me that people can have so little respect for the dead, their resting place, and the people who mourn them by paying tribute with flowers and other items.

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