A number of high-profile celebrities are demanding a decade-old case be reopened after a police officer fatally shot a Lower Hudson Valley football star.

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In 2010, Pace University football player Danjay "D.J." Henry was shot and killed by a white police officer in Westchester County while sitting in a car. Officials say cops asked Henry to move his car, a scuffle ensued and cops shot Henry through his windshield.

According to a Change.org petition, Henry was celebrating with teammates at a sports bar when others got into a fight. Henry was parked outside the building in fire lane and moved his car when the police asked him to move.

"DJ complied and moved out of the spot when Aaron Hess shot him, took him out of his car, handcuffed him and laid him on the ground and left him there to die. Aaron Hess was not charged with any crime and was named Officer of the Year later on in the year," Lauryn Nichelle wrote in the Change.org petition.

Henry's family subsequently received six-million-dollars in a wrongful death settlement, NewsSource reports. Last month, a Westchester County District Attorney spokesperson told The Enterprise there are no plans to reopen the case.

"Hess deliberately killed DJ. DJ was a bright student with a bright future and he deserved better than this. We are demanding that this case be re-opened and we demand that Aaron Hess be charged with the murder of Danroy Henry," Nichelle wrote in the Change.org petition.

This week there have been renewed calls to reopen the case by a number of celebrities. Jay-Z, Pharrell, Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron, Taraji P. Henson, Odell Beckham Jr, Michael K Williams, Mary J. Blige, Gabrielle Union and Amy Schumer want the "wrongful death" case to be reopened.

A letter, signed by the celebrities, was written to Attorney General William Barr asking for the case to be reopened.

"DJ, a young black youth with a bright future ahead of him, was killed for no apparent reason inside his own vehicle," the letter states. The facts of the case reek fo local conflict of interest, racial bias and even false testimony. But like so many other unarmed innocent young black meant who find themselves guilty of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, DJ, too, lost his life for no good reason with absolutely no good explanation - to this very day. Justice, it appears, has been denied."

Henry, from Massachusetts, was a 20-year-old junior at Pace University when he was fatally shot by Hess.

"Therefore, we join with this brave family an the people of New York to urge the Department of Justice to act and not let this SDNY vacancy be another squandered opportunity for justice," the letter states. "We urge the Department to take new evidence into account.

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