So you had a baby during the unprecedented COVID-19 quarantine. There is no doubt the experience was nothing that you had hoped and dreamed for, whether it was your first baby or your fourth.

Maybe you are a first-time grandma who had been waiting years to finally smell that newborn baby smell and squeeze the heck out of those little pouty baby lips. This pandemic took those cherished grandma moments away from you because it just wasn't safe.

All of those precious first-year moments like baby showers, newborn photo sessions, meeting grandma and grandpa, and just generally being showered in love and kisses by everyone – all gone.

Surely, as parents, your heart still aches for the moments your babies have missed out on and the memories you'll never have. But we see you and we want to celebrate your babies with you.

If your baby was born in quarantine, we want to help celebrate them! Open up your camera roll and send us a photo of your quarantine baby (please don't use professional photos, we don't want a watermark to take away from your little cuties). Tell us their name, their birthday, and in a few sentences, what moments or experiences you are hoping for now that the quarantine restrictions are beginning to lift.

We'll put together a photo gallery of the Hudson Valley super-cute quarantine babies and share their stories with our audience. Let 94.3 Lite-FM help to celebrate your baby in a big way. You've earned it! All submissions will be qualified for a random drawing for $200 Visa Gift Card.

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