Residents are complaining they can't find a cashier to help checkout at Walmart.

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A Facebook post in the Dutchess County Moms Facebook page claimed there wasn't a single cashier working at the Fishkill Walmart Wednesday night. If a customer wanted to checkout, they would have to use the self-checkout line.

"I noticed half the store is self-checkout now." the post states. "One of the help said 'no one wants to work.'"

It's unclear why cashiers appear to be disappearing at some local Walmarts. Some commentators said it could be due to the pandemic, wages or call-outs.

Other Hudson Valley residents tell us they have recently noticed little to no cashiers working at other Walmarts in the region. Walmart has locations in Newburgh, Monroe, Middletown, Mohegan Lake, Suffern and Naponoch.

We reached out to Walmart for comment. An official told Hudson Valley Post they are gathering information about the Fishkill location possibly having no cashiers working Wednesday night. We will update this story if more information is given to us.

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While Walmart hasn't officially eliminated cashier positions at New York locations, it has at some stores across the nation.

In March, a Walmart in Joplin, Montana and Miami, Oklahoma shifted to all self-checkout, KOAM reports. Walmart officials told KOAM the store didn't lose any employees, instead, they turned traditional cashiers into self-checkout hosts.

This summer a select number of Walmarts in Canada are replacing cashiers with self-checkouts as part of a test program.

“Our business is transforming and we’re relentlessly focused on making our stores simpler and faster for our customers. That’s why we’re constantly innovating and trying new initiatives so we can be the very best retailer,” a spokesperson told the Vancouver Island Free Daily.

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