Two of the nation's ten oldest high schools are found in New York State. One is located in the Hudson Valley. Did you graduate from either?

The website FamilyMinded recently highlighted the Oldest High School in Every State.

Oldest High School In New York State


"It’s easy to forget how far back the United States really goes," the website states. "Curious to know which high schools rank among the oldest in the country? We’ve rounded up the oldest high school in every state — one of which dates back nearly 400 years and another that served as a hospital for Union soldiers during the American Civil War."

So what's the oldest high school in New York State? It's found in  Ontario County. The second oldest high school in New York State is in the Hudson Valley!

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Oldest High School In New York State Is Located In Canandaigua, Ontario County. New York

Newsweek Magazine recently named it one of the top 1,500 U.S. public high schools, according to Canandaigua Academy.

High School From Hudson Valley In Newburgh, New York Ranks In Top 10

You won't have to leave the Hudson Valley to find New York's second-oldest high school.

Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York is New York's second oldest high school and the 10th oldest high school in America, World Atlas report.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The school opened up in Newburgh back in 1796.

"Newburgh Free Academy is a comprehensive high school offering several elective opportunities. In addition to a New York State Regents Diploma, many of these electives offer students opportunities to take New York State licensing exams. NFA (offers) advanced placement and honor-level course," the Newburgh School district states about NFA.

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What's the oldest high school in all of America? Boston Latin in Boston, Massachusetts has that title, according to WorldAtlas. The school opened up in 1635.

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