The winter is dragging on and the on-again, off-again snow that we have seen has been a little frustrating. For those who ski in the Empire State, this year has been weird!

The warm weather and lack of snow have been a benefit to some here in New York State and that includes predators! Fox, coyote, and others have had it easy to find food. However, there may be times when one of these sly animals makes their way to your yard. What are you legally allowed to do to keep it away?

How to Protect Livestock from Coyotes in New York State

For some, the idea of raising livestock and chickens is a great way to stay self-sustainable. With that also comes that added worry of keeping predators away from your investment.

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In New York State:

The Environmental Conservation Law allows 'problem coyotes' to be killed at other times of the year. Section 11-0523 (leaves DEC website) says coyotes that are "injuring private property may be taken by the owner, occupant or lessee... at any time in any manner."


Increased Coyote Sighting Across Hudson Valley and New York State

There are obvious restrictions that you MUST follow and abide by to take these animals legally. These rules also apply for those who need to protect against the threat of bears.

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Any bear killing or worrying livestock on land occupied or
cultivated, or destroying an apiary thereon, may be taken or killed, at any time, by shooting or device to entrap or entice on such land, by the owner, lessee or occupant thereof, or any member of the owner's, lessee's or occupant's immediate family or by any person employed by such owner, lessee or occupant.

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