A brutally honest obituary for a "negligent" former New York cop states " evil does eventually die."

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Brutally Honest Obit For New York Man Goes Viral

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While searching for some stories to report on I came across an obituary of a former New York police officer that's going viral.

"Lawrence H Pfaff Sr. passed away on June 27, 2022, living a long life, much longer than he deserved. He is survived by his three children, no four. Oops, five children," the obituary for Pfaff states. " His love was abundant when it came to himself, but for his children it was limited. From a young age, he was a ladies' man and an abusive alcoholic, solidifying his commitment to both with the path of destruction he left behind, damaging his adult children, and leaving them broken."

Pfaff From Belmont, New York Worked For NYPD

Pfaff was born in Belmont, New York in 1941. He spent over 20 years with the NYPD, according to his obituary.

Pressure Cookers Left Around New York City Cause Brief Scare
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"Lawrence, Sr. did spend over 20 years in the NYPD, but even his time in service was negligent at best. Because of his alcohol addiction, his Commanding Officer took away his gun and badge, replacing them with a broom until he could get his act together," the obituary reads.

Son Wrote Obit

Lawrence Pfaff Jr., is responsible for the obituary, according to NBC News.

"It will be challenging to miss Lawrence, Sr. because he was narcissistic. He was incapable of love. Lawrence, Sr.'s passing proves that evil does eventually die, and it marks a time of healing, which will allow his children to get the closure they deserve. Lawrence, Sr. can be remembered for being a father to many, and a dad to none," Pfaff Jr., concludes in his father's obituary.

First Coast News/Youtube
First Coast News/Youtube

Pfaff Jr. told NBC writing the obituary was his way of healing from his childhood trauma.

The New York man's obituary is now getting attention from across the globe. The Daily Mail, a website based in the UK, even wrote about the brutally honest obituary.

The newspaper that published the obituary has since apologized for publishing it, according to First Coast News.

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