Police and Hudson Valley officials are warning the public after black bears were spotted near I-84, Route 52, and a local hotel.

On Tuesday, June 21, the Town of Fishkill Police Department confirmed a black bear was spotted near the Courtyard by Marriott Fishkill. Police jokingly wondered if the bear was hoping to play "hide and seek" with any hotel guests.

Black Bear Spotted Near Dutchess County, New York Hotel

Thankfully, the bear wandered off before trying to check into a room at the Dutchess County hotel.

Town of Fishkill Police Department
Town of Fishkill Police Department

"Today is the Summer Solstice which is the longest day of the year and rings in the first day of Summer. It looks like someone is looking for a game of hide and seek! A bear was spotted at the Courtyard by Marriott Fishkill today. It wandered off with no intervention necessary," the Town of Fishkill Police Department stated.

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Black Bear Spotted Near Interstate 84 in Fishkill, New York

On Wednesday, the Town of Fishkill's government-run Facebook page announced a black bear was also spotted near Route 52 and Route 84.

Town of Fishkill, NY
Town of Fishkill, NY

"A black bear has been spotted in the Town of Fishkill in the vicinity of Routes 52 and Route 84. Residents are encouraged to be on the lookout and to notify the Town of Fishkill Police Department at (845) 831-1110 if you see the bear," the Town of Fishkill, NY Facebook page stated.

It's unclear if the black bear spotted near Interstate 84 was the same bear spotted near the Courtyard by Marriott Fishkill. Officials reminded all residents to not feed or interact with bears.

"If you see the bear, it is important that you do not attempt to feed or interact with it," the Town of Fishkill, NY said.

Town officials also encouraged all to review some bear safety tips from the New York State DEC.

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