"...and then Betty showed up."

For the last few months, Beaconites had been abuzz with a 'mystery store' set to open on the infamous Main Street. Residents speculated about what could be behind the doors of the new storefront and had even more questions when Beacon Betty popped up on Instagram in April with this photo statement:


With a statement like that it's bound to get people talking. Now, Hudson Valley residents can see what all the commotion is about. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, Betty Beacon opened up its doors.

The Instagram account A Little Bit of Beacon took a tour of the new store and spoke with Chelsea who not only is an employee but, according to a comment from Betty Beacon, is also an amazing local artist. Chelse explains to A Little Beacon Blog that Betty Beacon is "Beacon’s extremely unofficial welcome gift shop parlor, paying homage to Beacon’s past and present."

Inside shoppers will find custom mugs, t-shirts and local art work.

Take a look around the latest Beacon addition below:

With the Hudson Valley becoming more of a tourist destination, you would think there would be more "unofficial gift shops."

A quick Google search shows that New Paltz houses a few gift shops like Cocoon, Isabella's Treasures, Handmade and More, and Himilayan Arts Gift Shop. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there is also the Ye Old Gift Shop located in Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie.

Would you like to see more gift shops around the area with town-specific merchandise?

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