In a photo you have to see to believe, a bear was spotted crossing a busy street in broad daylight walking towards a number of Hudson Valley businesses.

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On Monday, Ray Gonzalez shared a photo to Facebook of a bear crossing Route 211 in Middletown.

In the photo, which you can see below, it looks like the bear is crossing Route 211 to go pick up some cold refreshing drinks from Beer King.

You can also see a car stopped in the middle of Route 211 as the bear strolled across the busy street. You can only imagine what is going through that driver's head!

You can't see in the photo, but directly across the street from Beer King is a Dunkin' and Frontera Tacos & Tequila, according to Google Maps. Next to Beer World is a CVS.

So in the world of make-believe, we can pretend this bear dined on coffee, donuts, tacos and tequila before stumbling across the street for some beer! And then maybe the bear made a final pitstop at CVS for some hangover and indigestion remedies.

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Recently a woman spotted six bears around a bird feeder in Orange County. Check out the photos of the bears below.

6 Hungry Bears Spotted Next to Hudson Valley Home

When bears have access to human foods, it encourages behaviors that can put bears at risk. While bears can be intimidating, they generally try to avoid getting into conflicts with people, officials say.

The DEC released the following steps to avoid conflicts with bears:

Around Dwellings

    • Remove all bird feeders;
    • Keep garbage, grills, pet food, and bird seed inside a solid, secure structure (house, shed, garage, etc.);
    • If grills cannot be secured, move grills away from houses and remove grease traps after each use;
    • Put garbage on the curb the morning of collection, not the night before, and use bear-resistant trash containers; and
    • Close garage doors and ground-floor windows/doors at night.

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