The Beacon Police might have made a lot of dentists unhappy but they pleased a lot of local residents.

People love soda and the Beacon Police Department gave some to the community for free.

Who loves orange soda? I love orange soda. Who loves free soda? Everyone loves free soda.

I grew up in Michigan and we called soda "pop" but I've adapted to my surroundings here in the Hudson Valley. I know we call it soda in these parts. It doesn't matter where you are in the country. Americans enjoy their soda pop. According to Statista, in 2018 it was reported that the average person per capita drank around 38 gallons of soda a year. Even though soda consumption has been slowly dipping over the year it still remains to be a favorite drink among many Americans.

Why do enjoy soda so much? It's getting warmer and warmer in the Hudson Valley and sometimes there's nothing like a refreshing soda to help rejuvenate you.

The Beacon Police Department knows that and they offered up free drinks to residents. According to a post on the Beacon Police Department's Facebook page, they had cases upon cases of free soda to hand out to the community.

According to the post, someone had donated several cases of Coca Cola, Coke Zero and Spite Zero to the department. The Beacon police offered the drinks to anyone who wanted to come and take them. They even encouraged people to take a lot.

I drove past the station at around 8am on Friday night and it appeared that most of it was gone. If you want a free soda from them you should probably reach out to them first.


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