A number of people helped save the life of a baby bobcat after it was hit by a car in the Hudson Valley.

On Wednesday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced a bobcat is being rehabilitated in Dutchess County.

On the evening of Aug. 23, ECO Zachary Crain received a call from a person who removed an injured bobcat from a road in East Fishkill.

East Fishkill Police reported that the bobcat was struck by a vehicle and the person then transported it to a nearby animal hospital only to discover that the animal hospital was closed.


ECO Crain responded, took possession of the bobcat and transported it to a licensed DEC wildlife rehabilitator.


Days later, Crain spoke with the rehabilitator who reported that the female bobcat, estimated to be six-months-old, sustained a broken leg.

The broken leg was surgically repaired. The young bobcat is expected to make a full recovery and will be released in a few weeks back to the area she was found, the DEC reports.

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