Everyone knows that going to college can be pretty expensive, but did you know that there are some pretty unusual scholarships out there that you can apply for? Over the last few months we have been sharing a few different ones with you. To look back over those, click here. 

We have come across another one that you can apply for, but like most of the others there is a catch. How tall are you? This scholarship (and thus the money) can only be applied for if you are female and at least 5'10 or male and at lease 6'2. Discriminatory? Hear us out. The $1000 scholarship is being given out by the Tall Clubs International Foundation.

It is just what it sounds like. 1992 Kae Sumner Einfeldt had put together this organization to promote causes that benefit tall people. One of the ways this not-for-profit gives back is through this scholarship program. For more information about this particular scholarship as well as how to apply, click here.

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