Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Now is your chance to find out.

After watching the first season of The Walking Dead I had nightmares of trying survive a zombie take over. One dream included a family member who wouldn't listen to me about blocking out the light.

I'm still mad at said family member.

I digress.

From April 13 to the 14 you have your chance to test your survival skills when the Apocalypse World Tour makes its way to Ulster Park.

The Apocalypse World Tour, according to their website, is "a tactical live action zombie experience. This unique, interactive event combines cutting edge military training weapons, immersive video-game style sets, and highly trained Hollywood quality zombies!"

Take on the Zombies in Ulster Park at the Headless Horseman location. You will be armed with "a real military training weapon" and you'll be trained before your session depending on what package you choose.

With the Black Ops package you must escape a mini-escape room before you get to the zombie infested world.

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 23rd at noon, with ticket prices starting at $29.

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