The new year will begin in just a few days and we are ending 2023 with what could be a record amount of recalls. From granola bars to applesauce and ground beef, this year has had some of the most products recalled in recent memory.

The holidays are here and if you have been to a grocery store lately you know how crazy it is. The stores are mobbed and it may be forcing you to panic buy? You may be buying things you normally would not or spending more than you ordinarily would just to get out of the store and get back home.

But take a minute to check that spinach before you buy or check the refrigerator at home to see if you have the latest produce item to be recalled.

Fresh Express has issued a voluntary recall of a Fresh Express Spinach, 8 oz. size, with product code G332 and use-by date of December 15 and Publix Spinach, 9 oz size, with product code G332 and a now expired use-by date of December 14 due to a potential health risk from Listeria monocytogenes.

There is a list of locations and grocers and retailers that sell the Fresh Express brand. Places like Target and Walmart are on the list of locations that New York State shoppers should be aware of as part of this current FDA voluntary recall on spinach.

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