The new singer of rock band Great White is a rocker with quite a resume, originally from right here in the Hudson Valley.

Great White formed out of Los Angeles in 1977 and gained success in the 1980's with exposure on MTV and platinum-selling records like  1987's Once Bitten featuring songs like "Rock Me" and "Save Your Love" to the 1989 album ...Twice Shy with songs like "Once Bitten, Twice Shy". The Ian Hunter cover of "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" earned the band a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance. The album went platinum in the summer of 1989 and double platinum by the fall of that same year. Sadly, the band made headlines many years later with the tragic Station Nightclub fire of 2003 which took the lives of around 100 people in West Warwick, Rhode Island.


Great White Splits with Singer Jack Russell, Rotating Singers

Staring in 2010 with a split from frontman Jack Russell, Great white would see a rotation of new singers.

2011- Terry IIous, singer for 80's hard rock/metal band XYZ began performing with Great White.

2012- Great White released new album Elation, which featured new singer Terry IIous. Another album with IIous, Full Circle was released in 2017.

2018- Great White announces they have parted ways with Terry IIous and have replaced him with singer Mitch Malloy.

2022- Great White announces new lead vocalist Andrew Freeman of the band Last In Line.



A Little About  New Great White Singer Andrew Freeman

Originally from Pine Bush, NY, Andrew Freeman has played in a number of bands, most notably The Offspring and Dokken guitarist George Lynch's band Lynch Mob. He also fronts Last in Line featuring original members of Dio including drummer Vinny Appice and guitarist Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard). In 2021, Freeman filled in for Firehouse lead singer CJ Snare on some tour dates while Snare recovered from abdominal surgery. It was officially announced on Tuesday May 31, 2022 that Andrew Freeman was the new lead singer of Great White replacing Mitch Malloy.


Andrew Freeman Rocks The Chance

Andrew Freeman has performed many times over the years at the Legendary Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, including multiple times with his band Last in Line. They played to a packed house of heavy metal fans back in 2017, who were excited to see the singer back in his hometown area.




Raiding The Rock Vault

Andrew Freeman is a great singer and rock n roll frontman and we're happy to see all the success this Hudson Valley native has been having over the years. Freeman now lives in Las Vegas and I got a chance to see him perform in Vegas performing in Raiding The Rock Vault some years back.  We wish him nothing but continued success!


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