Amazon is considering building another center in the Hudson Valley which will create at least 500 jobs.

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Bluewater Property Group is proposing to build on over 600,000-square-foot warehouse on the former IBM west campus in East Fishkill, East Fishkill Town Supervisor Nicholas D’Alessandro announced in early November at a town board meeting. Officials say this will revitalize a site that has been vacant for over 15 years.

John DiCola, a partner with Bluewater Property Group, said during the meeting the company that is looking into developing at the former IBM west campus is "a household name, a Fortune 500 company." DiCola added what the company wants to do with the facility fits perfectly with the site.

On Tuesday, Dutchess County Executive confirmed the "household Fortune 500 company" looking to build at the warehouse in East Fishkill is Amazon.

"We are thrilled @amazon is ready to #ThinkDutchess," Molinaro said on Twitter.

Molinaro believes the former IBM west campus in East Fishkill is the perfect fit for Amazon. Adding the process is in the final stages and if Amazon picks East Fishkill it should create at least 500 jobs.

“Amazon’s proposed investment in the former IBM West Campus site in East Fishkill – and with 500 new jobs – will help our county recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Job creation and growing the economy is a top priority, and a significant investment by Amazon in Dutchess County will strengthen and secure the logistics industry cluster in the Hudson Valley, while creating hundreds of jobs in the county. Despite uncertainty in the economy, this expansion will provide an important economic boost for the community and job opportunities for our residents and we’re proud that Amazon has recognized the great strides we have taken over the last nine years to make Dutchess County so attractive for business," Molinaro said in a press release.

Amazon is considering locating a logistics center in East Fishkill, which will create up to 500 new jobs over the next 3 years, Dutchess County officials told Hudson Valey Post.

Amazon is still considering other locations across the United States for its expansion project, but Dutchess County remains the frontrunner for the company’s relocation and $135 million investment, officials say.

“It is rewarding to work on this project and to collaborate with the Town of East Fishkill to develop an attractive incentive package to
encourage the company to make an investment in Dutchess County. The significant increase in employment will help re-invigorate the county’s economy and have a positive impact on local business," CEO of Think Dutchess Sarah Lee said.

In February, plans were announced for Amazon to build a massive warehouse, over one-million-square feet of space, in Montgomery, at the intersection of Routes 17K and 747, in the Town of Montgomery.

In July, Amazon Logistics announced plans to open a new delivery station located in New Windsor. The delivery station will power "Amazon’s last-mile capabilities" to speed up deliveries for customers in the Hudson Valley.

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