A shocking viral video shows a group of Hudson Valley students partying without masks and lifting a car.

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On Monday, Barstool Marist posted a video to social media of a group of students flipping over a Toyota Camry during what appears to be a wild college party that appears to feature no masks or social distancing.

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"Gotta get creative when doing at home workouts," the video caption states.

The front windshield of the car appears to be smashed before the students flip it. You can hear others screaming and cheering on the group of guys as they lift the car. A few students then jump on top of the flipped-over car.

"The McCann gym may be closed but no days off," the video states.

It's unclear when the video was taken. But the caption "The McCann gym may be closed but no days off," gives us a clue.

The McCann Recreation Center was closed while the Marist College campus was shut down due to a COVID outbreak.

Marist College went on a "Precautionary Campus Pause" on March 17 due to a recent increase in COVID cases. All in-person classes were canceled and students were no in-person gatherings were allowed outside of immediate campus households or pods.

The pause was extended a few times and finally lifted on Monday, April, 12. College officials are not happy with the student's actions and tell us they are investigating.

"The College has clear expectations regarding student behavior as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. We do not condone the destruction of property and are working with law enforcement to learn more about the particulars of the event in question. The Office of Student Conduct will be handling the internal investigation of the students involved," a spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post.

Hyde Park police tell us the owner of the car refused to press charges. There was one summons issued to one of the residents at the party for a violation of the Town's Nuisance law section 78 and they were issued an appearance ticket to appear in Hyde Park Justice Court on April 27th at 5:00 pm.

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