If you love Halloween, have a high tolerance for pain and are looking for seasonal work then we might have found the perfect job for you.

It's hard to believe it but Halloween is already right around the corner. Haunted houses and other fall activities are going to be operating much differently this year. Thankfully they will still continue.

Many Hudson Valley residents are looking for work right now and according to a post on Facebook, a local business out of Pleasant Valley is looking for actors to play the walking dead for an awesome zombie paintball experience.

The job is for Bilmar: Zombie Apocolypse and it's an interactive event where guests defend themselves with paintball guns against people dressed as zombies.

It sounds like a cool experience and it sounds like a fun way to make a few extra bucks. I'm not sure if the position will require you to get lit up by paintballs or not but if it is hopefully it's dark out and the patrons have bad aim.


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