Look, bars are amazing. We all know that. You know what would make them even more amazing? If you could wear your pajamas while you're there. And now, you'll be able to drink and be comfy on the same day!

The 2018 Onesie Bar Crawl is coming to White Plains on Friday, February 2nd. Finally, you can go bar-hopping in your onesie (or one-piece pajamas, for the layperson). Several bars in the White Plains area are participating, including Brother Jimmy's, Lazy Boy Saloon, Whiskey Creek, and Freebird Kitchen and Bar. Tickets are currently $20, and it looks like there's going to be a ton of deals, drink specials and other surprises throughout the night.

Did I mention you're also wearing a onesie? I did, right? Imagine how comfortable you will be. You can not even fathom how nice it will probably be to be out in public drinking in a onesie. It's the dream. It's what society has been leading towards. And we can do it right here in the Hudson Valley on February 2nd. Isn't that something?

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