If you keep yourself off the list the Hudson Valley would be a lot more pleasant during the next Nor'easter.

If I have learned anything since April it's that we're all in this together until crap really hits the fan. These 5 people make snow storms way worse for everyone in the Hudson Valley.

When the snow starts falling and we have to hunker down we can get a little crazy and a little selfish.

It snows every single year in New York but every December we act surprised when it starts coming down. This year the snow did seem to come fast and furious. Some parts of the Hudson Valley saw over a foot of snow. You would think that we would all be experts at this point but it seems like we always forget especially when we go into panic mode.

There are a few things that you should avoid when the snow falls hard in the Hudson Valley.

During the next snow storm be sure that you're not one of these 5 people.

5 Things Only Jerks Do During a Snowstorm in the Hudson Valley


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