As you find yourself staring at the calendar knowing that you have to take time off and that you will need to take it before the end of the summer (no, what you just had was not a time off it was working from home and social isolation which translates to even more of a reason to go and do something for yourself).

Where do you want to go? Will you get on a plane? A train? Or are you looking for a getaway more suited to an automobile? Do you want to be able to check out these places without having to wear a mask or show proof of covid-19 vaccination?

So, where will you go? How about staying kind of close to home, but with a far away feel?

The Ulster County Chamber of Commerce recently reminded me of these 5 great places that are right here! In Ulster County, New York! Each one of these properties is unique and to be fair, I think we all need to spend at least a week at each location just to know which one is our favorite. Who's with me?

Have you been to any of these resorts? Is there one that should be included on the list that we missed? Share it with us! We would love to be able to check it out and maybe add it to this list.

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