Chances are you've heard a thing or two about this Ulster County landmark, or if you've driven through the area with a car full of people, one of the passengers has asked 'hey, what's that tower on the mountain?'

Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, Ulster, Hudson Valley
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Complimentary Access

The historic Mohonk Mountain House has announced its 'Community Days' for 2022, and these free admission days are quickly approaching!

In a statement on their Facebook page, Mohonk shared that they are 'thrilled to welcome our local community back to the Mountain House!' The complimentary access to the stunning grounds and Mohonk Mountain House itself is running from March 28th through April 1st.  In addition to free access on-site, Mohonk is also offering special meal rates, what they referred to as 'unique experiences,' and more.

You can check out the specials they are offering here.  They do recommend making reservations for any dining you may be interested in.


Community Days Details

In order to access the grounds during Community Days, you would just need to mention the Community Days email or social media post at the Gatehouse upon your arrival.  There's also a waiver on their website that they recommend signing 48 hours prior to your visit, the waiver can be found here.

Once there, you have so many options to keep yourself busy.  From hikes (leisurely, guided, historic) to ice skating and biking, there's an outdoor adventure for everyone.  For those looking for a more leisurely visit, they have an awesome greenhouse, museum, offer kitchen tours, and of course, their incredible spa and dining options.

Mohonk Preserve and Mohonk house
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Mohonk Mountain:  The Historical Facts

Mohonk's backstory and incredibly rich history are something that many Hudson Valley-ers likely aren't fully knowledgeable about.  Maybe they've just heard the name Mohonk and know that it's some historic landmark in New Paltz, people reference it when talking about The Shining, or that a number of productions, movies, and TV shows have been filmed there or reference the breathtaking location.

Lake Mohonk in the summer

A Hudson Valley Oasis

So, if you're looking for something to take your mind off of the chaos of everyday life, and would prefer to stay local, my recommendation is that you shouldn't miss the opportunity to take in all that Mohonk Mountain has to offer for their Community Days and escape to this oasis right in our Hudson Valley backyard.

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