Wednesday was a terrifying day in Ulster County as four schools received threats.

Around 9 a.m., a note was found inside Ulster Boces in New Paltz saying that a bomb was placed in the building. Police placed the building on lockdown and soon evacuated everyone inside.

The Ulster County Sheriff's Department swept the buildings with bomb-sniffing dogs. Around 11:15 a.m. the building was deemed safe.

Edson Elementary School and Bailey Middle School in Kingston were placed in a precautionary lockout due to reports of a suspicious person near the schools.

A precautionary lockout makes sure all the students are inside the school, secures the outside of the schools and locks all doors.

In a separate incident, Kingston High School was also on full alert due to a possible safety threat.

Following separate searches, all the schools were deemed safe.

It’s been a scary couple of weeks in Ulster County. Monday, 4 hand written notes were found inside a business indicating a bomb was going to go off. An employee was later accused of writing the notes and arrested.

Monday afternoon, a package wrapped in brown paper was left near a bench in Woodstock.

Last week, a bomb threat was discovered at Onteora High School. The next day a 14-year-old student was  charged with felony falsely reporting an incident.

Two weeks ago, a bomb threat was phoned in to the Woodstock Golf Club.