A gym in the Hudson Valley is the first in the Tri-state to offer a private posing room for members and non-members.

On Wednesday, Gold's Gym in Middletown unleashed its private posing room, which according to company officials is the first in the Tri-state.

Gold's Gym in Middletown, New York Opens First Of Its Kind in Tri-State

Gold's Gym Middletown
Gold's Gym Middletown

"The first of its kind PRIVATE Posing Room in the tri-state area. Located at Gold's Gym Middletown, and open to members and non-members," Gold's Gym in Middletown stated on Facebook.

As someone who enjoys going to the gym, I often notice someone taking photos of themselves in front of a mirror inside the locker room.

I typically work out at Planet Fitness, in Newburgh or Poughkeepsie, and honestly, I'd laugh, or judge in the "judgment-free zone" when I spotted someone taking muscle-mirror selfies in front of others.

Don't get me wrong, progress pictures can be great for your confidence because they can prove to you how much progress you've made. I guess I just lacked the conviction to take one in front of others.

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It appears others feel the same way, and that's why Gold's Gym just opened a private posing room.

Gold's Gym Middletown
Gold's Gym Middletown

The private posing room comes with the following:

  • Nearly 600 square feet
  • 360-degree mirror views
  • Two adjustable halo lights
  • Dimmer switch for main room lighting
  • Adjustable tripod with ring light
  • Sound system
  • Seating area
  • Changing room
  • Can bring a friend

"Your own private space (BIG...30'x20') with ample room for photos, videos, and full posing routines. Open to members and non-members, you may invite others into the room during your room reservation," Gold's Gym added.

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