Many of us that have grown up in Orange County New York are familiar with the Maybrook exit of Interstate 84. When I was learning to drive that was the exit that always had the most trucks.

Fast forward a few decades and it is more true than ever that the Maybrook exit on Interstate 84, exit 28 is a truck exit. There are truck stops, hotels, and warehouses all close to the exit. Interstate 84 runs just over 232 miles from Dunmore Pennsylvania to Sturbridge Massachusetts.

Yellow Corporation's Closing Includes Facility in Maybrook, New York

As of today though there will be fewer trucks getting on and off at exit 28. News came down today that Yellow Corporation which has a facility in Maybrook has shut down as of today leaving anyone who worked there out of a job. Numerous news outlets are reporting the closure of Yellow Corporation nationwide.

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According to Wikipedia Yellow Corporation based out of Overland Park, Kansas ended operation yesterday (July 30, 2023) at 12 PM. It appears their subsidiaries YRC Freight, New Penn, Holland, and Reddaway are included. In case you are wondering Yellow has such a large facility in Maybrook they actually have a road named for the business.

Canva / Google
Canva / Google

It is not clear how many people in the Hudson Valley are directly affected by this closure which seems sudden but actually may have been expected after this video that was released back in June by the company explaining what might lie ahead if the union and Yellow could find common ground.

Yellow CEO Darren Hawkins Explains Company Situation in June 2023 reported today (July 31, 2023) the Yellow Corporation the third largest less-than-truckload carrier in the United States plans to file for bankruptcy. They went on to say that Yellow had stopped picking up from customers last week which may have been the first sign of the company closing its doors.

At the moment I have not been able to find a contact that can answer the question of what will happen to the Maybrook property. For the moment all I know is that the company has closed its doors. I have not been able to find any current statements from the company on the website or its social media. If more information becomes available we will update this article.

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