Welp, I've officially heard it all. A New York woman has gone viral on TikTok for sharing one of the most bizarre stories of catfishing I've ever heard in my entire life, and it all started when her boss said she wanted to set her up on a date.

For the uninitiated, the term "catfishing" refers to somebody misrepresenting themselves, generally online, and usually to pursue a romantic interest. They will use other people's photos and claim them as their own, and even (like the famous Manti Te'o case from 2008) use a fake voice on the phone to convince their target that they are who they say they are. MTV even has a whole show about it. The most bonkers detail about this new story, however, is who was doing the catfishing, and how.

She was catfished by none other than her boss, a woman pretending to be her "male best friend" (TikTok/OliviaFenton4)
Olivia was catfished by none other than her boss, a woman pretending to be her "male best friend" (TikTok/OliviaFenton4)

TikTok user and New York City resident Olivia Fenton posted her now-viral video explaining how she was catfished by her own (female) boss. In her video, she describes her manager offering to set her up with her "best guy friend", who she thought would be a good match. Fenton agreed, and that's when the weirdness started.

The "guy friend", she says, set up a first date only to never show up. The second date ended in a similar fashion, with the mystery man claiming to have been stuck at work. Third date? His train got stuck. At this point, Fenton did what any reasonable person would do: told her manager that it just wasn't going to work out with her friend and tried to move on. But this fake gentleman suitor (who again, was actually Fenton's manager) reached BACK out on Christmas for one more chance. The result? Another no-show because of a reported car accident. The story could have ended there, but this is where it gets (more) interesting because Olivia Fenton started noticing some suspicious details that made her detective antenna activate, with all clues pointing to her boss.

First, she observed that her boss owned a burner phone (an extra, usually untraceable phone generally used for activities that you don't want to be traced back to you). Next, she discovered that the pictures of the gentleman in question were actually of someone who lived in Georgia, not New York. Finally, Fenton had received flowers from the mystery man, but the handwriting on the card, she says, was "exactly the same" as her manager's. So what ended up happening??

@oliviafenton4 catfished by my own boss! has this also happened to any of you nyc girlies out there I must know #fyp #catfished #nyc #live #laugh #love ? original sound - Olivia Fenton

In a follow-up video, Fenton shares that she went to HR, and her manager was subsequently fired. She also revealed that her manager had allegedly done this before at a previous job to a different woman. I'd say that now we've seen it all, but I don't want to challenge the universe to come up with something wackier.

@oliviafenton4 Reply to @elysemyers updates on being catfished by my manager #fyp #catfish ? original sound - Olivia Fenton

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