Are they ever going to pave the parking lot to the Walkway over The Hudson in Poughkeepsie or should I just lease a moon rover?

Ever since I moved to the Hudson Valley one of the first places people told me to check out was The Walkway Over The Hudson. If  you're unfamiliar with the Walkway Over The Hudson it's basically a retired railroad bridge that has been converted into a walking bridge.

I've been on trails more and more this year. Since the pandemic started to worsen in New York I have made it a point to go to local trails to get my exercise. I try to mix it up. One week I'll hit up the Dutchess Rail Trail or Mount Beacon and other weeks I'll check out the Walkway.

It really is quite the bridge and it's long enough to get a good workout. and if you're just doing a casual walk there are plenty of restaurants nearby to enjoy afterwards.

The Walkway is even considered historic site.

Every time I have been on the bridge it has been clean, safe and the views are always gorgeous. The Walkway Over the Hudson is pretty cool once you actually get on the bridge. The parking lot however, is not so cool. What the heck is going on with that lot?

Maybe there's something that I'm missing. Maybe they can't pave over it. Maybe they don't have the funding for it.

I'm wondering how long my tires and suspension will survive that parking lot.

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