Update: A winter weather advisory is in effect for this weekend as the chance of the Hudson Valley seeing snow this weekend increased dramatically.

The first dose of snow might hit the Hudson Valley this weekend.

Just a few days after unseasonably warm weather, our first real dose of winter weather is arriving.

According to the National Weather Service, the Hudson Valley will see temperatures in the low 20s over the next few nights.

Sadly, that's not the worst of it. A storm is developing off-shore, and if it turns west, the Hudson Valley and the tri-state area could see snow on Saturday, WPIX reports.

On Thursday, the chance of the Hudson Valley seeing snow was around 20%. However, those numbers have increased dramaticly.

Hudson Valley Weather is now reporting the chance of snow is at 50% and rising.

Meanwhile, the Weather Channel is currently reporting an 80% of snow. The National Weather Service believes there is a 60% chance of snow and has issued a Winter Weather Adivsory.

A Winter Weather Advisory means periods of snow will lead to travel difficulties. Motorist should be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibilitity.

It doesn’t look to be a major snowstorm, but up to five inches is possible.

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