Many expected recreational marijuana to be legalized in New York State early in 2019.

Earlier this month, Governor Andrew Cuomo removed the legalization of recreational marijuana from the state's budget plan. According to The Buffalo News, there's one major reason for that: how to use the revenue from taxes on marijuana.

The Buffalo News reports that Governor Cuomo's office estimates tax revenue from marijuana could bring in as much as $300 million per year. Certain legislators believe half of the tax revenue should be invested in communities that were the most impacted by the war on drugs. However, the Assembly bill says the revenue should be used for things like fixing sidewalks, job training for people re-entering the workforce after incarceration, forming a loan fund for people who want to enter the marijuana business.

The Assembly bill calls for using the revenue for everything from fixing sidewalks in poor communities to job training for people re-entering the workforce after incarceration. Some of the money would also go toward a revolving loan fund to help people interested in starting cannabis-related businesses, particularly those from less-affluent communities of color.

According to The Buffalo News, New York State will be creating a new set of laws and new infrastructure deal to work out the details and regulations regarding legalizing recreational marijuana. Things like who is allowed to grow, process, distribute and sell marijuana, and other cannabis-related products. Also, working out things like how much marijuana is a person allowed to have,

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