Remember the days of Yik Yak and Sarahah? The new app craze is here and it's called Vero. It seems like a new popular app comes out every month.

Vero describes themselves as 'true social'. Vero after all means 'true' in Italian. Their manifesto says that they aim to give users a more authentic social media platform. Vero allows you to share music, books, video, pictures, and links. Kind of a combination of every app. You can get it in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The big difference between Vero and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is huge: no ads. Their app is based on subscriptions, not advertisers. But don't worry, if you're one of the first million subscribers, your annual fee is waived for LIFE. There's also no algorithm, so everything posted is shown in chronological order. Those are two major differences to set Vero apart from other social platforms.

Once you've set up your Vero account, which might take a few tries to confirm your account because the servers are all backed up with mass downloads, you get to set up your simple profile. All it is is a bio and a picture, nothing else. From there you can find people to connect with. You can add them as a connection or just choose to follow them. You can even rate your connections as an acquaintance, friend, or close friend.

Everything that you or your connections share gets put into your collections tab. It sorts out everything into categories of what it is they shared. You can also chat with connections on Vero too.

Do I think Vero will last? Probably not, the CEO has a shady background, and once people find that out I think the popularity will plummet. But for now, I will use the app just like everyone else.