What on earth do adult diapers have to do with DIY crafts? Not a question you ask yourself often, but I found myself asking it just the other day. And why was I asking that question? Because of a magazine ad I came upon, that’s why.

It’s always a good day when my HGTV Magazine comes in the mail. I’ve been known to be a little obsessed with home decorating and shopping. And magazines that center around both. So here I am, cup of tea in hand, looking through my new magazine, and I come across a 3 page ad for a certain adult diaper. Alright, it’s more of a leak catching pad than a full diaper, but whatever.

Not only is it an ad for the pad, but it also includes 4 DIY craft projects that you can do at home. And in the directions of each one, leaking pee comes into play. Let me give you an example. The instructions for making a tie-dye blanket include this line: “Lug the buckets to your work area without spilling… though a little spillage in your pants is totally cool.” Humorous yes, but also a bit surprising. I just don’t usually think of pee leakage and crafting at the same time.

I don’t think I’m in need of this particular product just yet, but I have always wished I was a bit better at DIY crafting. Do you think if I pick up a package of pads I’ll be able to start making my own homemade gifts? I suppose it’s worth a try… 

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