Ok, this has been a pretty hot topic. Should you cover your air conditioner in the winter? There are people that say yes! Others say absolutely not. There are pros and cons to both, which do you do?

I have spoken with a bunch of people who are swearing up and down that the way they do it is "the right way." So, I spoke with an air conditioning person (Jay from HVAC Specialists), and this is what I learned from our conversation.

Should you cover your air conditioner in the winter? You might not like this answer!

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It depends on the unit. See, told you, you weren't going to like the answer.

If you have a big central air condenser in your yard, and you have a lot of trees, yes, go ahead and cover it, before the leaves come down and get lodged in the unit. This can cause extra moisture to get into the unit, and the leaves are essentially bedding for small animals. Can you then unwrap it after the leaves are down? Sure, the units were built to survive harsh weather, but keeping leaves and debris out of it is better for your unit in the long run.

If you have a window unit, should you cover that during the winter?

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The better answer for that is can you take the window unit out of the window and store it for the winter? If left in, then yes you should cover it, because it can actually let cool air into your home and the wrapping of the outside will help to keep the drafts out inside.

Not everyone can take the unit out and store it, but wrapping is good if you can't take the unit out. Another good reason to remove the window units is that snow can build up on them, making them heavier, then putting more stress on the window and the ac unit itself.

So, weigh in. What do you do? Wrap it or not wrap it? Why do you choose this method and have there ever been any issues when you have done it?

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