It is not unusual these days to see a movie being shot or a national television show filming on the streets of the Hudson Valley. It is actually quite common just about any time of the year.

No matter how unaffected you are by a celebrity or the opportunity to be on TV, it is still fun to see the process and the cameras rolling on our local streets. In recent months, many of our community's streets have been the subject of TV shows or films. Today I have it on good authority that a brand new HGTV show was filming in New Paltz.

HGTV Filming at Water Street Market in New Paltz, NY

Water Street Market in New Paltz is the latest location to be highlighted in an upcoming TV show which will air early next year on HGTV. The show is called Small Town Potential and according to, the show will be focusing on the Hudson Valley.

Water Street Market via Google
Water Street Market via Google

Cameras will chronicle the rich history of New York’s scenic Hudson Valley region, while showcasing a modern-day design business in Small Town Potential. Life and work partners Davina Thomasula and Kristin Leitheuser, along with Kristin’s dad Don Leitheuser, will help their clients find, buy and renovate unique properties that have astounding potential. (


Why Are HGTV Crews Filming in New Paltz, NY

On Tuesday, October 4, the crew was spotted at Water Street Market filming inside the Antiques Barn. Walter Marquez the manager verified that the show's producers and crew were on hand filming for the upcoming season. They spent time in the Antiques Barn which has been a major draw to Water Street Market since it first opened in 1999.

Water Street Market via Google
Water Street Market via Google

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