Three counties from the Hudson Valley are among the best places to live in all of New York State. Is your hometown's county considered one of the best in New York State?

On Wednesday, Hudson Valley Post highlighted the so-called Ten ‘Trashiest’ Hometowns In New York State. So today, we wanted to share some good news.

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10 Best Counties To Live In New York State

When it comes to living in New York State, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul shared with Empire State residents some "good news" and "bad news" regarding the state's future.

Hochul was sharing her thoughts on jobs and New York's "housing crisis."

Niche recently announced the "2023 Best Counties to Live in New York." The website notes it researches to make your search for places to call home easier.

"We analyze data so you don't have to," Niche states on it's website. "Our user reviews let you hear directly from families and students to give you an honest and holistic view."

Below is the full list:

The 10 Best Counties To Live In New York State

Is your hometown's county considered by Niche one of the best in New York State?

Westchester County, Nassau County, Tompkins County, Albany County, Rockland County, Erie County, Dutchess County, and Monroe County are Among Best To Live In New York State

Do you agree with the list?

"Best" Places In The Hudson Valley

Recently many spots in the Hudson Valley have been given some high praise including one town that was called a "special place on the Hudson" another an up-and-coming hotspot and another that was called "under the radar."

Meanwhile, a Poughkeepsie restaurant’s pizza was voted the third "best" in the world, two towns from the Hudson Valley are among the "best" places to live in all of America, four hometowns from the New York were named among the best places to live in the Northeast, 10 New York State hospitals ranked among the world’s best,  a place in Upstate New York was voted the best-hidden vacation spot, and 14 New York beach towns are among the best-rated In America.


This week, Hudson Valley Post learned the most dangerous day, month and time to drive in New York. 

Methodology For Best Counties List


To craft its list, Niche researched data from the most recent U.S. Census. Niche-ranked places to live in New York on a number of factors including:

Read More: Do You Agree? These Are The ‘Trashiest’ Hometowns In New York State?


  • Higher Education Rate: 15.0%
  • Cost of Living: 12.5%
  • Housing:12.5%
  • Public Schools: 10.0%
  • Diversity: 10.0%
  • Family: 5.0%
    Health & Fitness:5.0%
  • Jobs: 5.0%
  • Nightlife: 5.0%
  • Outdoor Activities: 5.0%
  • Commute: 5.0%
  • Weather: 5.0%

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