A shortcut that many Hudson Valley drivers use each day is closed for months.

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Gardnertown Road between Gidney Avenue and Creek Run Road in the Town of Newburgh closed for construction on Monday, June 7.

"Gardnertown Road between Gidney Avenue and Creek Run Road will be closed to all traffic (including emergency vehicles) for culvert replacement," the Town of Newburgh, NY stated on its website.

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Construction will keep the road closed for two to three months, officials say.

"The road will be closed for approximately 2-3 months," the Town of Newburgh, NY added about the road closure. "Detours have been posted and message boards are in-place to direct motorists."

The closure impacts a number of drivers in the Hudson Valley. Residents in the City of Newburgh and Town of Newburgh travel on the road as it's the perfect shortcut to get to Route 9W if heading towards Ulster County.

"Gardnertown Rd between Gidney Ave and Creek Run Rd will be closed for construction for approximately 2 to 3 months," the Town of Newburgh PBA stated on Facebook. "Plan accordingly!"

The last part of the Town of Newburgh Police Department's Facebook post is actually hard to do. If you are looking to use this shortcut to Route 9W the detour adds a lot of time to your drive.

Posted signs for the detour, which are spread out and not easy to find, have drivers travel on Gardertown Road, past Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School, make a right onto Route 300 and make another right onto Route 32.

I recently tested out this detour and quickly realized the detour adds about 10 minutes to your drive if you wanted to use the shortcut to Route 9W. Unfortunately, if you use this shortcut, your best best is to find another path to Route 9W and know you're going to be spending more time in your car.

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