Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park announced earlier this week that an Executive Director would be stepping down after 12 years.

Now, I absolutely love the Walkway over the Hudson. I think it's one of the greatest things that the Hudson Valley has to offer and I've taken full advantage of it over the years, having it right practically in our own backyard. I have often made it a routine to walk the walkway from the Poughkeepsie side to Highland side and back as a regular exercise routine sporadically. I even walked it for over 80 straight days in a row some years back, while trying to reach a goal. I hoped to do at least 100 days, but just couldn't make it happen. Maybe I'll try again in the future.

Elizabeth Waldstein Retiring

According to a posting on social media, Elizabeth Waldstein is retiring from her full-time role as Executive Director of the Friends of the Walkway Over the Hudson organization. The organization supports and improves Walkway Over the Hudson State Park. Waldstein's retirement is the second leadership transition announcement to be made recently, with the last being when Maureen Salero became the new chair of the Board of Directors, replacing John Storyk who stepped down after three years. The 12 year period under Waldstein saw dramatic capital improvements, growing visitation, and even a Guinness World Record.

Waldstein says it was "time to embrace the next chapter in my life" announcing her retirement effective May 1. She went on to say "It has been an honor to serve as Executive Director and I am proud to have helped bring the vision of the Walkway to reality."

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