This might be the most amazing thing you'll see all day and it's just pure Poughkeepsie.

Not many of us are blessed with an awesome view from our desk at work. I'm convinced that if you stare outside of a window in downtown Poughkeepsie long enough you'll see all kinds of amazing things and this is proof.

On Tuesday, Glenn Martinez was sitting at his desk inside the Foreign Car Specialists when he happened to look up and see something he'd never witnessed before or even heard of. Someone was cruising down Washington Street in Poughkeepsie in a powered wheel chair with what appears to be a solar panel on top.

The electric cart had to have some power as it was pulling a red wagon with a large dog in it.

Glenn was able to capture the drive by on video and I'm so glad that he did because I can't stop watching it. Every time I watch it I seem to notice something new.

I admire the work put into this chair and the owner's efforts to keep it green.

I know that emissions standards on cars have been increasing over the past few years but I didn't think powered wheel chairs were held to the same standards. I'm not sure where this couple was going but they were definitely on a mission. Don't blink or you'll miss the video. The owners of the chair didn't sacrifice speed for efficiency.

The weather has been absolutely amazing lately. With the Hudson Valley reaching almost 60 degrees it really is the perfect day to take out the old solar powered wheel chair.

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