When was the last time you tried to sell a house? Allegedly, during 2020 if you were trying to sell a house in the Hudson Valley, you probably didn't have to have your house listed for a whole heck of a long time. Unless, you are the New York Governor and his former girlfriend.

This particular house that was for sale is one that the couple shared during their relationship. So, how much do you think a 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom house in Mount Kisco, with river views might sale for? Well, according to the NY Post, the house was listed in May of 2019 for $2.85 million.

Not having the actual listing, nor the actual address of the home, I wasn't able to find the original real estate listing or see the price changes on Zillow.com, but the house apparently sold for $1.85 million at the end of December 2020.

The pictures of the house, look great and you can see them by scrolling just a little bit.

Now, why when houses are selling like hot cakes north of The City, did it take a year and a half to sell their home? I did a few comps for homes in the area and quickly found that, based on what the homes have sold for in the last year, the couple was simply asking too much for their home. Most of the houses with that square-footage and amenities, beds, baths were selling in the high $900,000 to about $1.25 million.

The other alleged reason they didn't get asking price? According to an agent that spoke with Post, the house needed a little work. If you are like me and like to look at homes online, knowing that you will never actually buy them, but you like to see what is 'out there' for sale, it does put things into perspective. Rule #1 when selling a house? Clean it up and set a price that you actually think that you are going to get for it.

Good luck to the new owners. May you enjoy many years to come in your new home.

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